Mustard fields in bloom

Our Approach

Sourcing all of our ingredients locally is the foundation on which every other decision is made. Supporting local farmers and consumers alike is what we strive to do with every new product we create.

Our Story

Starting off as an attempt to harvest canola and sunflower oil as a potential source of fuel akin to biodiesel, we came to find that the oil we were producing just tasted too dang good to use in that way. After successfully producing oils, we reached out to develop local grains as a rotational crop for the oils seeds. The local grain movement is the last piece of the local food movement. Today we produce fine flours from local grains grown in Michigan . The mustard milling began in 2017 since we had the infrastructure and equipment to process since mustard and canola are virtually identical in appearance and the seeds are very similar.

Meet the Man

The man behind everything…

Bill Koucky

Founder / CEO

From being a geologist, to a woodworker and instrument maker, to an elementary teacher, to an entrepreneur, Bill had done just about everything under the sun before finding a lasting passion for farming and food production in Northern Michigan. Starting the company in 2008 as a biofuels endeavor, it has since grown and expanded into the full blown food production company it is today.